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Art of the Edit
Being an Advertising Editor: The Ins & Outs of Agency Work

Katie Toomey takes Creative COW members inside the world of the advertising editor, where being a generalist means you are often not only a video editor, but a designer and audio editor, problem solver, as well as tech support professional. Join Katie as she takes you inside her world.

Author: Katie Toomey
Color Grading
Baselight Ka-booms in BelfastBaselight Ka-booms in Belfast

Belfast, in Northern Ireland, doesn't have a great history in post-production. But Ka-boom, which started in 2010 as an audio facility, the specialisation of co-founder Will McConnell, quickly grew to fill the void in a city which is now rapidly becoming a major production centre.

Author: FilmLight
Apple FCPX Debates
Apple FCPX and the Making Of Whiskey Tango FoxtrotApple FCPX and the Making Of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Rather than a story about editing software, this is a story about Apple Final Cut Pro X from a filmmaker’s perspective: specifically, how keeping as much VFX and audio temp work as possible inside FCPX during production helped allow Glenn Ficarra and John Requa to open up new options and saved weeks of production time in the making of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, the new wartime comedy starring Tina Fey.

Author: Tim Wilson
Adobe Premiere Pro
PluralEyes: Fast & Easy Connections for Video & Audio ClipsPluralEyes: Fast & Easy Connections for Video & Audio Clips

With the popularity of HD-DSLRs, many shooters are recording sound separately because of the camera’s limitations with audio -- but putting audio and video together in post can be a chore. Longtime spots ace Bill O'Neil has been dealing with this over the past several years , and has found PluralEyes from Red Giant to be fast, easy, and effective. Take a look to see if PluralEyes will help you, too.

Author: Bill O'Neil
Project DAVID Creates Digital Content Preservation TechProject DAVID Creates Digital Content Preservation Tech

While there is a strong movement to preserve and restore old film, preservation of audiovisual digital content has been less of a priority. Project DAVID seeks to change that, by developing technology for prevention of damage, preservation and restoration for the vast libraries of digital content.

Author: Ryan Salazar
Blackmagic Design
Bob Zelin Looks at the Blackmagic Design Audio MonitorBob Zelin Looks at the Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor

The Blackmagic Audio Monitor offers rack mount audio monitoring from an advanced 6G-SDI input, AES/EBU and analog audio sources in a compact and elegant package. Bob Zelin gives the 'eagle eye' look as he zooms in on its real-world application in XOS Digital's extensive broadcast media asset management system.

Author: Bob Zelin
Audio Professionals
Remembering Ray Dolby: A Life of InventionRemembering Ray Dolby: A Life of Invention

Ray Dolby gave his talents and his name to the most significant advances in audio recording, for both the professional film/TV/music industries and consumer products. On the occasion of his death, at age 80, Creative COW tells the story of his life, his engineering achievements and the impact he has had on the creative people in our industry.

Author: Debra Kaufman
Archiving and Back-Up
Sony Media Cloud Services Debuts New & Enhanced ServicesSony Media Cloud Services Debuts New & Enhanced Services

Sony Media Cloud Services just debuted three new production applications (RoughCut, AudioReview and VideoReview) as well as integration of Sony’s wireless camera adapter. The cloud service has already been in heavy use at Sony Pictures, and is newly adapated by broadcasters and other media and entertainment organizations.

Author: Debra Kaufman
Matrox Video Systems
NAB 2013: Matrox Video SystemsNAB 2013: Matrox Video Systems

At NAB 2013, Matrox Graphics' new Mojito 4K is a quad 3G-SDI 4K video monitoring card aimed at Adobe professional editing on the Windows platform. Also new is Matrox Monarch HD, an under-$1,000 compact video streaming/ recording appliance designed for users who need to simultaneously stream a live event and record a Blu-ray quality version for post-event editing. The company also debuted Matrox Avio F125, fiber-optic KVM extenders that separate dual HD video, keyboard, mouse, stereo analog audio and USB 2.0 devices from a workstation and plays back HD, 2K and 4K video without dropped frames at maximum distances of 4 km. KVM extenders are also now compatible with APCON IntellaPatch Series 3000 XE network switches.

Author: Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
NAB 2013: Blackmagic Design Debuts an UltraHD WorkflowNAB 2013: Blackmagic Design Debuts an UltraHD Workflow

At the Blackmagic Design, UltraHD/4K reigned supreme. The company not only introduced a 4K camera, the Blackmagic Production Camera, but a range of products that create an entire UltraHD workflow. Blackmagic Design has been focusing on 6G-SDI technology for multiple products including the ATEM Production Studio 4K live production studio, Blackmagic Audio Monitor and ATEM Studio Converter 2, all of which support UltraHD resolution. In addition, Blackmagic introduced its Pocket Cinema Camera, a compact Super 16 digital cinema camera with 13 stops of dynamic range, and DaVinci Resolve 10, both priced under $1,000.

Author: Debra Kaufman
What Computer Should I Buy?
Solving the Mystery of Getting AheadSolving the Mystery of Getting Ahead

With a BAFTA for audio in hand, Bang Post Production has a new game afoot for picture post in Wales.

Author: Glenn Collict
IBC 2012: Colorfront Express DailiesIBC 2012: Colorfront Express Dailies

Colorfront, the company that brought us On-Set Dailies, is now shipping Express Dailies, a laptop-based dailies system based on the same image-science technology. Express Dailies features a range of tools for file-based workflows, including playback and sync, QC, color grading audio and metadata management: for a new low price of $15,000.

Author: Debra Kaufman
Broadcast Audio Goes Digital! Are You Ready?Broadcast Audio Goes Digital! Are You Ready?

Ryan Salazar discusses the design and rebuild of the eight suite audio department at Ft. Lauderdale's studioZ, why it was so time-consuming, and why it was completely worth the effort for them -- and for you too.

Author: Ryan Salazar
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