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GoPro Workflows for Editing ProsGoPro Workflows for Editing Pros

GoPro footage is making its way into nearly every broadcast project that editor Shane Ross has been working on. It's even showing up in feature film production, so no matter what you're cutting, you're going to work with GoPro soon, if you're not already. Drawing on his real-world experience figuring this out on broadcast deadlines, Shane offers practical advice for editors using Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Apple FCPX.

Author: Shane Ross
Art of the Edit
Shane Ross Rebuilds His Bay with ThunderboltShane Ross Rebuilds His Bay with Thunderbolt

Broadcast editor and longtime Creative COW leader Shane Ross was onlining a series for MSNBC on Avid Symphony, and noticed a funny thing: his MacBook Pro was outpacing his Mac Pro tower. Follow his adventures as he uses a variety of new products to rebuild the heart of his suite around Thunderbolt and his MacBook Pro.

Author: Shane Ross
Archiving and Back-Up
Bob Zelin's NAB: Storage, Broadcast, Thunderbolt & 4KBob Zelin's NAB: Storage, Broadcast, Thunderbolt & 4K

The clients Bob Zelin's clients facility systems design business don't care about hype. They only want to hear the same thing you do: "Does this thing really work, and is it cheap?" The two aren't always compatible. Sometimes cheaper tech makes business harder, and hype is always in the way -- but you can count on Bob to call 'em as he sees 'em. At NAB 2014, Bob saw plenty, from plummeting prices for 4K to vastly expanding options for storage.

Author: Bob Zelin
NAB Expo
Quantel and Snell Enhance Broadcaster ToolsQuantel and Snell Enhance Broadcaster Tools

Fresh off the recent acquisition of Snell by Quantel, both companies are working together - and apart - to introduce and refine a broad range of cost-effective and simplified solutions for broadcasters - from IP-based broadcast production with a Cisco partnership to high quality video finishing.

Author: Kylee Wall
NAB Expo
NAB 2014: Panasonic's Sonic Blast: Cameras, Switchers & TechNAB 2014: Panasonic's Sonic Blast: Cameras, Switchers & Tech

Panasonic unveils their new NAB line-up for us, including new VariCam cameras with 35mm sensors, high-speed and 4K recording, and multiple new form factors, along with new P2 media and broadcast switchers.

Author: Ryan Salazar
What Computer Should I Buy?
The Great Migration: From Mac Pro Tower to Mac Pro TubeThe Great Migration: From Mac Pro Tower to Mac Pro Tube

Helmut Kobler loved all the card slots and drive bays in his old-school 2009 Mac Pro. But after ordering a new Mac Pro, he had to rebuild his old tower's functionality - RAID and LTO support, broadcast monitoring, and plenty of spare drive space - with new Thunderbolt peripherals. Here's how he did it.

Author: Helmut Kobler
NOT Your Father's AMNOT Your Father's AM

At this time, over 2,200 radio stations are broadcasting a hybrid HD Radio signal, with more on the way, and with NAB approaching, Ryan Salazar is considering the future and applications of digital radio. Radio is going to become sexy again, and this is NOT your father's AM broadcast...

Author: Ryan Salazar
Business & Marketing
An Odd Delight: A Corporate Editor's Leap Into BroadcastAn Odd Delight: A Corporate Editor's Leap Into Broadcast

Creative COW Contributing Editor Kylee Wall moved from Indianapolis to Atlanta as part of a move from corporate video into broadcast. Sure, some things stayed the same, but so much more was so different -- a new place to live, a new kind of workspace, new kinds of projects, AND TAPE -- that transitioning to a new NLE in Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud was the least of it. Certainly nothing compared to a fever of 104 that took her out for most of her first week. It's a remarkable tale that Kylee tells as only she can.

Author: Kylee Wall
Inter BEE keynote: Japan Will Broadcast 8K by 2020 OlympicsInter BEE keynote: Japan Will Broadcast 8K by 2020 Olympics

It's not news that Japan has announced its intent to broadcast 8K by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In today's production environment, the advent of 4K is still news and 8K seems like a futuristic pipe dream. But when Creative COW Contributing Editor Debra Kaufman was in Japan in November, she learned just how serious Japan is in its intent to broadcast 8K -- and to do so sooner than originally announced.

Author: Debra Kaufman
The Sony FDR-AX1 & Your 4K FutureThe Sony FDR-AX1 & Your 4K Future

Even though it's not yet a broadcast format, 4K production has been happening every day for years -- delivered as HD. It offers the same advantages that early HD production offered for SD delivery, including beautiful downscaling and a measure of future-proofing. Looking for a flexible, affordable way to jumpstart your 4K future? Join longtime Creative COW leader Douglas Spotted Eagle for a look at Sony's FDR-AX1 camcorder.

Author: Douglas Spotted Eagle
Blackmagic Design
Bob Zelin Looks at the Blackmagic Design Audio MonitorBob Zelin Looks at the Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor

The Blackmagic Audio Monitor offers rack mount audio monitoring from an advanced 6G-SDI input, AES/EBU and analog audio sources in a compact and elegant package. Bob Zelin gives the 'eagle eye' look as he zooms in on its real-world application in XOS Digital's extensive broadcast media asset management system.

Author: Bob Zelin
IBC 2013 Wrap UpIBC 2013 Wrap Up

Broadcast Engineer Ryan Salazar wraps up his perspective on IBC 2013, the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide.

Author: Ryan Salazar
Archiving and Back-Up
Sony Media Cloud Services Debuts New & Enhanced ServicesSony Media Cloud Services Debuts New & Enhanced Services

Sony Media Cloud Services just debuted three new production applications (RoughCut, AudioReview and VideoReview) as well as integration of Sony’s wireless camera adapter. The cloud service has already been in heavy use at Sony Pictures, and is newly adapated by broadcasters and other media and entertainment organizations.

Author: Debra Kaufman
The Cloud - Nowhere To Go But UpThe Cloud - Nowhere To Go But Up

The cloud is here, and it's perfect for television broadcasting. "The broadcast industry is changing, has always been changing and will always be about change," says Michael Rofe, iCTVBA Chairman and Global president. Migrating broadcasting to the cloud is a natural transition, and Ryan Salazar takes a look at that transition, the possibilities for cloud-based broadcasting and embracing the progress of technology.

Author: Ryan Salazar
Apple FCPX Techniques
FCPX For Broadcast NewsFCPX For Broadcast News

Michael Garber has spent hundreds of hours learning the ins and outs of editing broadcast news features with Final Cut Pro X. He describes a workflow that takes advantage of the best that FCPX's new approaches have to offer, while being honest about its limitations. Every editor already working with FCPX, or still just considering it, will benefit from Michael's experience.

Author: Michael Garber
NewTek TriCaster
NAB 2013: NewTekNAB 2013: NewTek

At NAB 2013, NewTek unveiled 3Play 4800, a multi-camera server for live sports production that features real-time uses, redundant capture, high-end visual effects and slo-mo, as well as live replay switching and social media publishing. 3Play 4800 is the latest in the 3Play series of replay server technology and intended to provide affordable access to more sports broadcasters. NewTek also showcased the latest products benefitting the TriCaster 8000 from companies in the NewTek Developer Network, in categories ranging from content to controllers.

Author: Debra Kaufman
Archiving and Back-Up
NAB 2013: Bob Zelin: The Evolution & RevolutionNAB 2013: Bob Zelin: The Evolution & Revolution

Calling Bob Zelin one of the industry's most respected voices of engineering and systems experience is an understatement. (We might also have to add "most feared.") For over 20 years, he has been at the leading edge of building next-generation post houses and broadcast facilities using the latest, greatest, and most affordable new technology. He's also been around long enough to have seen through an awful lot of hype, so when Bob drops the "R" word, it's because he really believes it's revolutionary himself. His coverage of the 2013 NAB Show is once again don't-miss reading.

Author: Bob Zelin
Canon Cameras
NAB 2013: Canon Demonstrates 4K Workflow, Intros New CamerasNAB 2013: Canon Demonstrates 4K Workflow, Intros New Cameras

Canon highlighted an end-to-end 4K workflow at NAB 2013, showing a digital intermediate suite and a live 4K broadcast with "Ultra-Zoom" applications. The company also debuted two new, entry-level professionals video cameras, the XA25 and XA20. The cameras feature Canon's first-ever Organic LED (OLED) touch panels, weigh 2.6 pounds and are priced at under $3,000. Canon also announced that it's begun development on a new 35mm prime lens for large-format single-sensor cameras employing Super 35mm, full-frame 35mm, and APS-C size imagers.

Author: Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
NAB 2013: Quantel Focuses on UltraHD WorkflowNAB 2013: Quantel Focuses on UltraHD Workflow

Quantel introduced a range of products that empower UltraHD/4K and even 8K production. Partnerships with AJA (for its Corvid Ultra video card) and NVIDIA (for its Tesla accelerator) have made Pablo Rio capable of high resolution work, including 4K at 60 fps. The company also enabled broadcast and post production workflows with enhancements with QTube, Enterprise sQ and Quantel revolutionQ. Quantel is also now involved in furthering FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Services), an initiative jointly managed by the EBU and AMWA to define standards for Service Oriented Architecture systems. With regard to Stereo 3D, Quantel also introduced SynthIA which enables interaxial adjustments in post as well as other manipulations.

Author: Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
Tips for Attending NAB From A Convention VeteranTips for Attending NAB From A Convention Veteran

Walter Biscardi tells us, "Once again, springtime is upon us, so of course, it's time for the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention. Last year y'all seemed to like the before you go tips, so may I present the 2013 edition of 'Tips from an NAB Veteran to make the best use of your time'."

Author: Walter Biscardi
NAB Show 2013 CoverageNAB Show 2013 Coverage

NOBODY is more excited about NAB Show 2013 than broadcast guru Ryan Salazar. His contagious enthusiasm about new products and technologies for the studio industry will be certain to captivate and inform. Take a look at his pre-Show teaser of 2013 coverage.

Author: Ryan Salazar
The Future of Television-HPA Tech Retreat Unites Techy TypesThe Future of Television-HPA Tech Retreat Unites Techy Types

A who’s who of the country’s broadcast, film and TV post production industry convened in Indian Wells, California to listen to tech presentations on everything from Ultra HDTV to Mobile DTV and chew over the latest conundrums. Next year’s HPA Tech Retreat will take place Feb. 17 through 21.

Author: Debra Kaufman
Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate
FCPX On Air. Coming SoonFCPX On Air. Coming Soon

Former skeptic John Davidson was right there with everyone else when FCPX was released who deemed it a complete disappointment for broadcast pros. Many updates and much experimentation later, he's now a believer: he has FCPX not only running on shared storage for broadcast work, but for John, it does so even better than FCP 7 ever did. Here he introduces a 5-part series, taking you step-by-step from project set-up to delivery, ready to help other broadcast pros get moving with FCPX.

Author: John Davidson
Digital Asset Management in Broadcast and Post ProductionDigital Asset Management in Broadcast and Post Production

One of the least considered functions at many studios is Digital Asset Management (DAM). More attention needs to be spent on this mostly under-used asset. Many files are created and then unceremoniously dumped into outer space, never to be seen again. However, it doesn't have to be that way; once created, digital assets become a goldmine that just keep giving.

Author: Ryan Salazar
Stereoscopic 3D
3DTV: The Industry's Challenges, Your Opportunities.3DTV: The Industry's Challenges, Your Opportunities.

As consumers, it is easy for us to see that 3DTV has not spread as quickly as originally hoped. There are still lots of opportunities for manufacturers and broadcasters to make big moves, and Al Caudullo, The 3DGuy discusses them. More important, Al has seen opportunities for independent content creators like himself to find new revenue streams, even in this trying economy -- and believes you can do it too.

Author: Al Caudullo
Rewiring, Automating and Scaling Up for Broadcast PostRewiring, Automating and Scaling Up for Broadcast Post

How do 34 staffers produce 1,850+ Television spots & 600+ Radio spots...every month? Automation. Ryan Salazar also rewired studioZ's entire facility top to bottom for digital workflows that can still accommodate the HDCAM some of their clients still require. Combine that with a new machine room, 40 servers, eight Pro Tools suites, triple-redundant archive backups, and you'll find a facility that constantly rebuilds itself for the future.

Author: Ryan Salazar
Adobe Premiere Pro
IBC 2012: Adobe Provides Broadcast & Media SolutionsIBC 2012: Adobe Provides Broadcast & Media Solutions

Adobe came to IBC 2012 focused on the broadcast industry. The big reveal was its new Adobe Anywhere, a collaborative workflow platform that allows real-time collaboration for remote users of Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude. Adobe expanded its partnerships with broadcast solution companies, to over 200. At the show, Adobe also unveiled a new promotional offer for individuals and corporations interested in switching from Apple Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer to Adobe Production Premium or Adobe Creative Cloud.

Author: Debra Kaufman
Remembering SBE Founder John BattisonRemembering SBE Founder John Battison

Broadcast legend, John Battison, passed away Tuesday, August 28th, 2012, just 14 days away from his 97th birthday. With a lifetime of contribution to the broadcast world, and a brilliant personality in his own right, Battison leaves a legacy that only he could foster. The broadcasting world mourns its loss.

Author: Ryan Salazar
Broadcast Audio Goes Digital! Are You Ready?Broadcast Audio Goes Digital! Are You Ready?

Ryan Salazar discusses the design and rebuild of the eight suite audio department at Ft. Lauderdale's studioZ, why it was so time-consuming, and why it was completely worth the effort for them -- and for you too.

Author: Ryan Salazar
The New IT Director Versus the Old Broadcast EngineerThe New IT Director Versus the Old Broadcast Engineer

From the earliest days of media, it was recognized that there needed to be people who performed the technical workings of the studio. As today's technology calls for new skillsets, there is a new demand for someone - a hybrid engineer - who can bridge the gap between the broadcast engineer of old and the IT director of new for today's specialized media markets.

Author: Ryan Salazar
IBC Expo
IBC: AJA Debuts Thunderbolt iO and MoreIBC: AJA Debuts Thunderbolt iO and More

AJA unveiled five new products at IBC 2011, including its first Thunderbolt-based iO device, AJA Control Room, UDC -- the broadcast-quality Up/Down/Cross-Conversion mini converter and support for the Avid DNxHD video codec into Ki Pro Mini.

Author: Debra Kaufman
Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate
It's Working for Me...Kind of: A Broadcast Editor's Guide to FCPXIt's Working for Me...Kind of: A Broadcast Editor's Guide to FCPX

Mark Morache describes his journey into FCPX as he discusses "the mental gymnastics and back-handed workflow I adopted in order to get my stories done."

Author: Mark Morache
IBC Expo
IBC: Panasonic has a 3D IBC, also expands AVC Ultra to Long Gop IBC: Panasonic has a 3D IBC, also expands AVC Ultra to Long Gop

Panasonic’s Rob Tarrant, European Product Manager of AV Systems Europe, discusses with Creative COW the future and challenges of stereoscopic broadcast.

Author: Debra Kaufman
There's Something in the AirThere's Something in the Air

In this 25th Issue of Creative COW Magazine, we've done something that we've never done before, which is to feature individual stories, rather than draw attention to an overall theme. We still have a theme, of course, so please allow Tim Wilson to introduce this issue by its official name: In the Air. We thought about calling it "On the Air," just in time for NAB, but we're doing more than just talk about broadcast. This issue is a look at, not just the changes that are coming to our industry, but also the changes that are already here. Your future may well have shown up already.

Author: Tim Wilson
Letters to the COW Team
Divergence in Broadcast DistributionDivergence in Broadcast Distribution

Read Ron Lindeboom's Back 40 Column from our Divergence Issue, in which he explores the rapidly changing face and pace of broadcast television programming distribution.

Author: Ron Lindeboom
Live & Stage Events
Flypacking for the Dalai LamaFlypacking for the Dalai Lama

Need a single, portable production package for image magnification, broadcast and webcast - all at the same time? Don't panic. Let Todd Gillespie's experience help lead you to inner peace.

Author: Todd Gillespie
Avid rolls out lower-priced Media ComposerAvid rolls out lower-priced Media Composer

When most people think of Avid, low cost is not a term likely to be used in connection with the venerable leader in broadcast and film editing systems. But with today's announcements, Avid has both increased their lead in the education sector and has radically dropped the price of its flagship Media Composer software. In this article, Creative COW's Ron Lindeboom explores why we find this great news for both existing Avid customers and those who thought that they could never afford an Avid.

Author: Ron Lindeboom
Micro-Casting: Picking Your TargetMicro-Casting: Picking Your Target

In this article from The Creative COW Magazine, Ron Lindeboom and Tim Wilson discuss how Eric and Cat Susch, with high production values, zero in on micro-cast broadcasting. In the iTunes podcasts they are climing the charts as their popularity grows and their commitment to podcast video quality is recognized.

Author: Ron Lindeboom
Motion Graphics
Convergence & Divergence: Blu-ray, HD-DVD, traditional broadcasting and The Resolution ContradictionConvergence & Divergence: Blu-ray, HD-DVD, traditional broadcasting and The Resolution Contradiction

The audience for low resolution, small format video is exploding, while HDTV adoption is slower than predicted and excitement over high-definition DVD formats is barely a blip on the radar. Where do we go from here?

Author: Peter Berghammer
Mini-Formats: Big Money For Your BusinessMini-Formats: Big Money For Your Business

No matter if you are a major broadcaster or a one person shop, small format is opening up big markets. In this Creative COW Magazine article Ron and Kathlyn Lindeboom discuss portable media and the future that they hold in the broadcast market.

Author: Kathlyn Lindeboom
NAB Expo
NAB 2003NAB 2003

Bob Bonniol revisits the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, while looking in on Diamond Vision's spectacular new 33 foot by 109 foot LED 'backdrop'. He reveals to readers stunning new technologies and entices us to look forward to the future of these remarkable advances.

Author: Bob Bonniol
Media 100 844/X
Media 100 & PegasusMedia 100 & Pegasus

In 1994 Media 100 revolutionized the video post production industry by bringing broadcast quality finishing to the computer desktop for the first time as the initial step in democratizing video. Can they do it again? How does the new Mission and Vision fit with the original vision that drove Media 100? Or was the sale of Cleaner and other software products to focus on the "Pegasus" project a mistake?

Author: Philip Hodgetts
NAB Expo
NAB 2001: Looking Back at the Industrys Top Conference and ExpoNAB 2001: Looking Back at the Industrys Top Conference and Expo

Ron Lindeboom looks at some of the things that made NAB 2001 a worthwhile trip into the plasticene desert. His conclusions are that the broadcast industrys makeover into a digital replacement of its analog past, is near maturity. Gone are the whizz bang days of so much new that you could barely see half of it in a week. There was little that was really new at NAB 2001. Still, there was some great technology and creative options to be found by the silicon adventurers drawn to the silicone world of Las Vegas.

Author: Ron Lindeboom
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