5th Anniversary Issue : Creative COW Magazine

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Creative COW Magazine : 5th Anniversary Issue
In the Fifth Anniversary Issue of Creative COW Magazine, we look at some of the people, stories, techniques, processes and workflows that took Creative COW Magazine from a fledgling publication to an industry leader in five short years.
Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher, Tim Wilson opens Creative COW's Fifth Anniversary Issue by commending our contributing editors, "Over 120 working pros have written for us so far, often the first articles they've ever written. Their expertise and passion spring off the page... We have authors with inspiring and intriguing stories that we want to help them tell -- the kind of stories that you want to read."
Recalling Our First Five Years In Print: The magazine’s founder, Ronald Lindeboom recalls its first five years and what worked and what didn't.
Technical Oscar® Winners Exploring Technology: Leading experts share their expertise and insight.
McGiffert & McMullen: AD & DP: Exploring production in major feature films and television series.
Perception & the Art of 3D Storytelling: Brian Gardner is helping rewrite the rules of 3D storytelling.
Visual Effects in Creative COW Magazine: We revisit some of the teams and illusions from film and TV.
Epic Tenacity: A Study In Artistic Passion: A look at two men who simply will not give up on their projects.
12 Things I Know at 55, That I Wish I'd Known At 25: Business advice from Nick Griffin, the leader of our Business & Marketing forum.
We're Not In Kansas Anymore: Transitioning from Film to Digital, with International Workflows: The making of a major motion picture and a made-for-TV movie.
"Days of Future Passed: A Look Behind the Curtain" -- What's in our future plans that we're working on? Well, here's at least some of it.

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Articles in this Issue

Business & Marketing
Recalling our First Five Years in PrintRecalling our First Five Years in Print

The Power of Dreaming: Forging Visions that Work. That is the standard that we at Creative COW strive to unite under. In just five years, the COW Magazine has moved from the realms of dreams to a market leader. Read on for founder Ron Lindeboom's personal remembrances and inspiration, and what constantly keeps us at the COW motivated for further achievement -- you, our readers and members.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview, Project   03/07/2011
Author: Ron Lindeboom
Business & Marketing
Are you sure that this is a good idea?Are you sure that this is a good idea?

When we started with Creative COW Magazine, we mostly knew what we didn't want to do: the tutorials and reviews that were the hallmark of other magazines. Why bother? We already had literally thousands of them online. Instead, we made the same choice that had made such a difference online: focus on people. In fact, we've asked over 120 of them to tell us their stories since we started. Most have never written anything for public consumption before, but their expertise and their passion spring off the page.

Editorial, People / Interview, Project   03/07/2011
Author: Tim Wilson

Writers in this Issue

Arthur VibertBrian GardnerBryan KinnairdChris HealerDave Stump, ASCDavid McGiffertGrinner HesterJohn GaltMike FinkNick GriffinPete OPierre JasminRonald LindeboomThomas BurstynTim WilsonTodd McMullenTony HudsonWilliam PowloskiZed Saeed
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