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Creative COW Magazine : Asset Management & Distribution Issue
Broadcasting & Post Production in an ever-changing climate; how do you keep up? Move ahead and keep up with the newest possibilities with the latest issue of Creative COW Magazine with articles on:
Maximizing Assets to Maximize Impact: A look behind the scenes into live events production on a massive scale.
Avoiding Digital Delivery Disasters with On-Air Broadcast Files: A look at how Creative COW members are handling digital delivery issues in today’s production pipeline.
Aspect Ratios: Understanding 35mm’s Evolution and Its Impact On Workflows Today: In the world of Aspect Ratios, one size does not fit all.
World Class Aerials for The World Cup: An Australian team created what many believe are the best aerials ever seen in a major sporting event.
Shooting Footage Your Editor Will Respect: Longtime editor and cinematographer David Allison shares his view from both sides of the production process.

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Articles in this Issue

Business & Marketing
Good post is good postGood post is good post

Tim Wilson says, "I'm always going to place my bets on the people trying to get it right, rather than the people who say it shouldn't be done at all." Creative COW Magazine's editor extraordinaire relates his musings on the latest technology and our reasons for always forging ahead into new innovations.

Editorial   12/13/2010
Author: Tim Wilson
Managing Assets to Maximize ImpactManaging Assets to Maximize Impact

Automating workflow with Final Cut Server, and creative engineering that utilizes the latest technologies, allows these broadcasters to put their ministry's resources where they matter most.

Feature, People / Interview   12/13/2010
Author: John Pipes
Avoiding Digital Delivery DisastersAvoiding Digital Delivery Disasters

It used to be easy. A tape, an envelope, a finished delivery. Now there are many more ways for things to go wrong! Here are ways to keep your digital deliveries on track.

Editorial, People / Interview   12/13/2010
Author: Bob Zelin
Relax, and Quit BluffingRelax, and Quit Bluffing

Paul Stephen Carlin delves into 35mm film framing and aspect ratio, with the idea that "Once you understand the history of 35mm's evolution, you have a good foundation for learning about the future."

Feature, People / Interview   12/13/2010
Author: Paul Carlin
Event Videographers
World-Class Aerials for The World CupWorld-Class Aerials for The World Cup

The world's most popular and prestigious sporting event added aerial coverage for the first time in its illustrious history -- and they turned to partners Helifilms and Helimedia to make it all possible.

Feature, People / Interview   12/13/2010
Author: Matt Downey
How to Shoot Footage Your Editor Will RespectHow to Shoot Footage Your Editor Will Respect

When it comes to shooting, David Allison's experience in the editing room has helped him develop parameters that lead to better footage that embodies the sensible values of an efficient shooter.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview   12/13/2010
Author: David Allison
Business & Marketing
If You Fail to Plan, You're Planning To FailIf You Fail to Plan, You're Planning To Fail

Read Ron Lindeboom's case study in why Creative COW's Business & Marketing forum is one of our Top 5 most visited forums.

Editorial, Business   12/13/2010
Author: Ron Lindeboom

Writers in this Issue

Bob ZelinDavid AllisonJohn PipesMatt DowneyPaul Stephen CarlinRonald LindeboomTim Wilson
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