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After attending the NAB Show, we asked ourselves here at the COW, "What do our members feel are the hottest products that appeared during NAB 2010?" We decided the best way to answer this question was to weight the votes by the expertise and experience of the member commenting, so it is based on more than simple popular vote -- the COW is dedicated to working professionals, so let their voice be heard. As Tim Wilson says: "Our members don’t care what magazine editors have to say -- picking favorites from among tools they’ve never worked with anyway." We now give you the opportunity to read what some of our highly respected members -- in their own field, and here in our COW pastures -- had to say about their favorites:
A Look at Our Blue Ribbon Line-Up by Ron Lindeboom: A convenient "tour guide" to our Blue Ribbon winners.
Camera, Lens, and Gear Round-Up: Gary Adcock digs deep into the NAB 2010 offerings and brings Creative COW readers his Blue Ribbon picks.
Stereoscopic Storm: Stereo 3D at NAB 2010: Steven Bradford gives the line-up and some of the winners.
DSLR Round-Up: Bob Primes ASC Reports: An award-winning Director of Photography in his acid test.
Blue Ribbon Broadcast Switchers: Our leaders and members chose these as their favorites.
Data-Driven Broadcast Infrastructures: Bob Zelin reports on drives, peripherals, networks and more.
Best of Show 2010: Blackmagic Design: Blackmagic Design introduced a huge number of tools and systems to NAB 2010 attendees. Our members named them the most impressive new line-up at the show.
Industry News: Anton/Bauer celebrates 40 years, a new alliance at NAB 2010, Canon’s newest, Avid buys Euphonix, and more.
A Great Team to Introduce Our Award Winners: The Blue Ribbon Awards Give A Great Community A Chance To Express Its Opinion

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Articles in this Issue

Camera and Lens Round-UpCamera and Lens Round-Up

Gary Adcock explores and reviews many of the high-end cameras, lenses, monitors, and camera support gear introduced at NAB 2010 in this acquisition and display report.

Review, Feature, People / Interview   06/23/2010
Author: Gary Adcock
Stereoscopic 3D
Stereoscopic Storm - NAB 3D CamerasStereoscopic Storm - NAB 3D Cameras

After years of mere trickles, a deluge of 3D surged through NAB 2010. Steven Bradford shows you some of the cameras that really shined.

Review, Feature, People / Interview   06/23/2010
Author: Steven Bradford
DSLRs: A Time ExposureDSLRs: A Time Exposure

Robert Primes, ASC is watching the progress of DSLR video, and sees some remarkable visions of the future of cinematography. Read on for his detailed review...

Review, Feature, People / Interview   06/23/2010
Author: Robert Primes, ASC
SAN - Storage Area Networks
Fast Enough? Data-Driven Broadcast InfrastructureFast Enough? Data-Driven Broadcast Infrastructure

We can always can count on Bob Zelin moving fast enough to keep up with the crazy number of new options for data-driven broadcast infrastructure. Read on for Bob's review of his findings - enthusiastic and exhausted (er.. exhaustive) - at the super-charged, super-fast NAB 2010.

Review, Feature, People / Interview   06/23/2010
Author: Bob Zelin
Blue Ribbon Broadcast SwitchersBlue Ribbon Broadcast Switchers

Integration is the name of the broadcast game, and both of these switchers generated traffic because of their integrated software that is changing the game. Read on for Creative COW's short review of two Blue Ribbon Award Winning Broadcast Switchers...

Review   06/23/2010
Author: Tim Wilson
Blackmagic Design
Blue Ribbon for Best of Show: NAB 2010 -- Blackmagic DesignBlue Ribbon for Best of Show: NAB 2010 -- Blackmagic Design

There may have been companies at 2010's NAB Show who brought more new products than Blackmagic Design -- but then again, with a dozen major new releases, there may not have been. There was certainly nobody who brought so many best-of-category products, several of which could merit Best of Show awards on their own, with the potential to truly transform advanced post and broadcast workflows. Simply put, we've never seen anybody come to the show playing for keeps in so many different ways.

Review, Feature, People / Interview   06/23/2010
Author: Grant Petty
Broadcast Video
Best Nonlinear Editing System ReportBest Nonlinear Editing System Report

As the three companies showing their best wares in the Nonlinear Editing System category vie for attention in the broadcasting and post-production world at NAB 2010, some of the glitter caught Walter Biscardi's eye, but others left him wondering if they can keep up. Read on for more insight on what he saw at NAB...

Review, People / Interview   06/22/2010
Author: Walter Biscardi

Writers in this Issue

Bob ZelinGary AdcockGrant PettyRobert Primes ASCRonald LindeboomSteven BradfordTim WilsonWalter Biscardi
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