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Creative COW Magazine : Commercials: History, Design and Production Issue
In this issue of Creative COW Magazine, you will meet one of the men that made Max Headroom such an 80's icon. He'll share strategies and how it all came about, including some of the techniques used. One of the members of the legendary Robert Abel & Associates team takes you inside some of the earliest uses of CGI and how these commercial techniques preceded their later use in the world of film. You will also be taken inside a direct response advertising expert's world and how it works and why. You will also learn how one man made a commercial that you would swear used 3D software but doesn't. You will discover five ways to get control of your billings and make more money with less stress. Watch as one woman handles 11 deadlines a day -- and you thought you had it bad, eh? Learn an artist's secrets for high-end graphics workflows. And take a tour of drive technology of the past, the present and the future.

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Articles in this Issue

Motion Graphics - How Do I?
Secrets of High-impact GraphicsSecrets of High-impact Graphics

Creative COW Contributing Editor and graphics expert Sean Cusson shares the secrets to success that hes learned the hard way. They include the power of music for graphic design, compositing techniques, logo animation and invaluable workflow tips that will save you hours. Sean also shows you how to keep your graphics clients coming back for more.

Feature   01/29/2008
Author: Sean Cusson
Motion Graphics - How Do I?
How CGI in Commercials Changed the History of Film: A Creative Cow Magazine ExtraHow CGI in Commercials Changed the History of Film: A Creative Cow Magazine Extra

For his article in the Creative Cow Magazines Commercial Issue, film compositor, VFX artist, animator and Creative Cow Contributing Editor Steve Wright (Ray, Traffic, Blade: Trinity, Never Die Alone and 60 others), told how the computer graphics animation technology we see in film today actually originated in the world of commercial advertising. (He knows. He was there.) In this Creative Cow Magazine Extra, Steve provides even more details, including the demo reel for CGI pioneers Robert Abel & Associates, and a great spot that Steve created for Volkswagen...with cows!

Feature   01/05/2008
Author: Steve Wright
A Commercial's Voyage from Concept to CompletionA Commercial's Voyage from Concept to Completion

A major player in some of the biggest commercial campaigns in the last 25 years shares his experiences on one of the biggest: the Max Headroom campaign for Coca-Cola. They're lessons you can learn too.

Feature, People / Interview   12/26/2007
Author: Arthur Vibert
Broadcast Video
11 Deadlines a Day11 Deadlines a Day

Andrea found herself with her hands more than full during an unplanned personnel shortage at WJLA, Washington DC affiliate of ABC: so, responsible for creating all the news promos for the sweeps run of the ABC affilate, 11 times daily, she leveraged all her best methods. What happened at 5 PM on the last day of sweeps? Lets see...

Feature   12/18/2007
Author: Andrea Laign
Media Formats | Media Capacities
Disk Drive Storage Systems: Where Are We Today?Disk Drive Storage Systems: Where Are We Today?

In this Creative COW Magazine article, Bob Zelin talks about where we've come from, and what's ahead in professional storage.

Editorial   12/11/2007
Author: Bob Zelin
Business & Marketing
Tips for Business and Commercial Production SuccessTips for Business and Commercial Production Success

Are your spots persuasive enough? Operators are standing by to tell you! Tips for business and commercial production success - cash generating secrets proven in the fire! In this article from the Creative COW Magazine learn how to get a direct response from your work.

Tutorial, Business   12/11/2007
Author: Winston Cely
Business & Marketing
Taking Control of Your BillingsTaking Control of Your Billings

5 rules for getting paid for your creativity. The relationship between client and professional is wrought with pitfalls, frustrations and miscommunications. Save yourself from many common business problems by taking these five rules and putting them in your arsenal of business wisdom from Bessie and Mark Suszko.

Business   12/03/2007
Author: Mark Suszko
Adobe After Effects
Building a 3D World in After EffectsBuilding a 3D World in After Effects

When a project requires a photo-realistic 3D world, After Effects isnt usually the first program that comes to mind. Typically a 3D modeling/animation program is necessary to create virtual 3D worlds, but in this article CreativeCOW contributing editor Bill O'Neil demonstrates creating a 3D world for a TV spot he was hired to direct and post for the Big Ten Basketball Conference.

Tutorial   08/10/2007
Author: Bill O'Neil

Writers in this Issue

Andrea LaignArthur VibertBill OBob ZelinMark SuszkoSean CussonSteve WrightWinston Cely
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