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Creative COW Magazine : Douglas Trumbull Issue
Douglas Trumbull: A writer producer director inventor looks forward.
Plan It Like a Bank Heist: Plan for everything, and be ready for anything
Special Advertorial: Sony PMW-F3 - Putting the "Cinema" in Cinema Verite with the Sony PMW-F3.
Dog Days of 3D: What can the past tell us about 3D's future?
David Boyd, ASC: Talking The Walking Dead - On shooting style, lighting and lens choices, and hiring great people -- then staying out of their way.
What a Long, Strange Year it's Been! - Apple imploding, Adobe ascending and Avid opening up: Who could have seen it all coming?

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Articles in this Issue

Business & Marketing
The Heroism of Joyful CreativityThe Heroism of Joyful Creativity

I'm constantly inspired by the pleasure and the pride that the people in Creative COW Magazine take in doing the right things the right way, in always trying to improve, and always keeping their eyes peeled for new possibilities. I aspire to do my own work as creatively and joyfully as they do.

Editorial   01/16/2012
Author: Tim Wilson
Douglas Trumbull: A Writer-Producer-Director-Engineer-Inventor Looks ForwardDouglas Trumbull: A Writer-Producer-Director-Engineer-Inventor Looks Forward

While others reflect on his 45 years of achievement, Douglas Trumbull currently has five movies underway, and some strong ideas about saving the future of filmmaking.

Feature, People / Interview   01/10/2012
Author: Douglas Trumbull
DSLR Video
Plan It Like a Bank HeistPlan It Like a Bank Heist

A DSLR shoot -- wait, make that two shoots including a couple of Panasonic AF100s -- that is a reminder to both plan for everything, and be ready for anything.

Feature, People / Interview   01/23/2012
Author: Stephen Menick
Sony F Series & PDW Series Cameras
Cinéma Vérité with the Sony PMW-F3Cinéma Vérité with the Sony PMW-F3

Two-time Creative Arts Emmy Award™ winner Zach Zamboni puts the cinéma vérité in cinema with the Sony PMW-F3. More sensitivity in the F3 means more possibilities -- shooting longer after sunset, more available light and more ambient fire in on-the-fly situations.

Editorial, Feature   01/24/2012
Author: Zach Zamboni
Stereoscopic 3D
The Dog Days of 3DThe Dog Days of 3D

We've seen complicated rigs, higher budgets and audience skepticism deflate the hype of new movie-making technology before. What can the past tell us about 3D's future?

Editorial, People / Interview   01/26/2012
Author: Angela Gyetvan
Behind the Lens: David Boyd ASC & The Walking DeadBehind the Lens: David Boyd ASC & The Walking Dead

David Boyd, ASC has lensed 10 episodes to date of AMC's highly popular 'The Walking Dead,' and also directed the sixth episode of the second season, "Secrets." Creative COW's Debra Kaufman spoke with David about shooting style, lighting and lens choices, and staying out of the way. To celebrate the new season of The Walking Dead, Creative COW Magazine is pleased to reintroduce you to David Boyd, the show's original DP, with unique insights to share on its shooting.

Feature, People / Interview   10/09/2012
Author: David Boyd, ASC
Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate
What a Long, Strange Year It's Been!What a Long, Strange Year It's Been!

Apple imploding. Adobe ascending. Avid opening up. Who could have seen it coming? Here's Walter's look at what happens when the blinders come off.

Feature, People / Interview   01/26/2012
Author: Walter Biscardi

Writers in this Issue

Angela GyetvanDavid Boyd, ASCDebra KaufmanDouglas TrumbullKathlyn LindeboomRonald LindeboomStephen MenickTim WilsonWalter BiscardiZach Zamboni
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