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Creative COW Magazine : Film Fading to Black Issue
Within the last year, ARRI, Panavision and Aaton have all ceased production of their film cameras to focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of digital cameras. Somewhere in the world, right now, someone is holding the last movie film camera ever manufactured. Is it you? Fade to black.
Orchestrating a Simple Wipe
Prime Focus on Power & Flexibility
Film is Alive and Well in an Atlanta Trailer Park
Managing Assets with Adobe Bridge
Takuo Miyagishima: Panavision Innovator
Tim Wilson's Column and The Back 40 with Ronald Lindeboom

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Articles in this Issue

Art of the Edit
Now What? It's a Question We've Been Hearing a Lot Lately.Now What? It's a Question We've Been Hearing a Lot Lately.

"As always, we're happy to provide answers from the people actually making the hard decisions about the products and technologies in which they'll be investing their money, their time, and their expertise." Tim Wilson muses on the "End of Film" issue of Creative COW Magazine.

Editorial   10/06/2011
Author: Tim Wilson
Film Fading to BlackFilm Fading to Black

ARRI, Panavision and Aaton have all quietly ceased production of their film cameras to focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of digital cameras. Film? Fade to black.

Editorial, Feature   10/06/2011
Author: Debra Kaufman
Stereoscopic 3D
The Perils of ParallaxThe Perils of Parallax

There are some very simple rules to manage the somewhat complicated idea of where the "screen" is in 3D space. There are also some very simple rules for breaking those rules.

Feature   10/06/2011
Author: Angela Wilson Gyetvan
Live & Stage Events
Orchestrating a Simple WipeOrchestrating a Simple Wipe

A simple project became many complicated ones for a client with no idea what to even ask for. Managing projects and clients quickly merged.

Feature   10/06/2011
Author: Mark Grossardt
Assimilate Scratch
Prime Focus on Power & FlexibilityPrime Focus on Power & Flexibility

SCRATCH Lab integrates with high-end VFX, grading and compositing systems at Prime Focus UK, with features missing from much higher cost systems.

Feature, People / Interview   10/06/2011
Author: Michael Wrightson
Indie Film & Documentary
Film is Alive in an Atlanta Trailer ParkFilm is Alive in an Atlanta Trailer Park

Planning to shoot your Indie feature digitally because it's cheaper than film? Not so fast. This Indie production loved both the look of film, and how much they saved.

Feature   10/06/2011
Author: Tamera Brooks
Art of the Edit
Managing Broadcast Assets with Adobe BridgeManaging Broadcast Assets with Adobe Bridge

If you've been complaining about your NLE's asset and project management, you either haven't been using Adobe Premiere, or you haven't been exploring Adobe Bridge.

Feature   10/06/2011
Author: Joseph W. Bourke
Remembering Takuo Miyagishima, Panavision InnovatorRemembering Takuo Miyagishima, Panavision Innovator

Takuo Miyagishima was both the spirit of Panavision and the creator of innumerable camera, lens and accessory inventions that include Primo anamorphic lenses, Panaflex camera system and the Super Panatar projection lens. This tribute illuminates some of the accomplishments of this imaging innovator, and the influence he has had on over 50 years of filmmaking.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview   08/31/2011
Author: Debra Kaufman
Business & Marketing
Promote Your Company Worldwide, FREE.Promote Your Company Worldwide, FREE.

Creative COW's Services Offered Directory is a Powerful Free Resource for Your Business.

Editorial   10/06/2011
Author: Ronald Lindeboom

Writers in this Issue

Angela GyetvanDebra KaufmanJoseph W. BourkeMark GrossardtMichael WrightsonRonald LindeboomTamera BrooksTim Wilson
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