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One of this issue's biggest stories isn't a game: Oscar and Emmy-winning director James Moll follows three men running nearly 50 miles each day across the Sahara Desert, offering insights into documentary filmmaking, storytelling, and the frame. So why an issue on games production? Because it's diverse, and growing fast. Because there are jobs there. Rick Castaneda helped design a gaming first: cinematic Bingo! This unique project combined every aspect of his team's expertise, including motion graphics, animation, interactivity scripting, surround sound authoring

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Articles in this Issue

Business & Marketing
Business: Competing With Your Ears Wide OpenBusiness: Competing With Your Ears Wide Open

There is a secret to the kind of success that Creative COW has been experiencing over the years and in this article, COW CEO and lead architect of the COW's phenomenal growth, Ron Lindeboom, lays out the simple formula. It is a proven formula, one that is simple to follow. Use it. It works.

Editorial   04/01/2009
Author: Ron Lindeboom
SAN - Storage Area Networks
Changing the Game with the Blackmagic Design Broadcast VideohubChanging the Game with the Blackmagic Design Broadcast Videohub

Bob Zelin is always willing to integrate the newest solutions for his systems integration clients. Only this one was VERY new... and if everything didn't go exactly right, it was game over.

Tutorial   04/01/2009
Author: Bob Zelin
Apple iPhone
iPhone, iTouch, and Playing for KeepsiPhone, iTouch, and Playing for Keeps

In this article from The Creative COW Magazine, Bob Stevenson, Chief Creative Officer for ngmoco (Next Generation MObile COmpany), imagines what's possible when iPhone and iTouch are seen, above all, as very advanced game devices.

Editorial, People / Interview   04/01/2009
Author: Bob Stevenson
Adobe After Effects Techniques
Media Management Nightmares? Game On!Media Management Nightmares? Game On!

Here's how one team turns 14 hours of raw footage on the latest games into a 30-minute TV show every week, 40 times a season. In this Creative COW Magazine article Dustin Lau discusses some tricks for high end digital media management.

Editorial   03/31/2009
Author: Dustin Lau
Business & Marketing
Client Management and The 5 Stages of Grief - Video Game DevelopmentClient Management and The 5 Stages of Grief - Video Game Development

Everything is fine, until the client gets involved! Now there's a long list of changes to make, on the same schedule and budget. In this article from The Creative COW Magazine, video game producer, William Dwyer discusses the game development process and how it aligns with the five stages of grief.

People / Interview, Business   03/31/2009
Author: William Dwyer
Adobe After Effects Techniques
Creating Interactive Games - Cine BingoCreating Interactive Games - Cine Bingo

The team at Psychic Bunny worked on whatever interested them - perfect preparation for a job that even the client couldn't describe. In this Creative COW Magazine article Rick Castañeda gives you a behind the scenes tour of how they made cine bingo and teaches a few tips on interactive game making.

Editorial, Feature   03/31/2009
Author: Rick Castañeda
Indie Film & Documentary
Running the SaharaRunning the Sahara

Running 4300 miles across the world's largest desert sounds impossible. But once Academy Award-winning director James Moll heard that three guys were going to try, he knew he had to hear - and tell - their story. In this Creative COW expanded interview, James talks about the incredible journey of both the runners and the filmmakers, while also offering insights into filmmaking, storytelling, and the frame.

Feature   03/25/2009
Author: James Moll

Writers in this Issue

Bob StevensonBob ZelinDustin LauJames MollRick CastañedaRonald LindeboomTim WilsonWilliam Dwyer
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