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Creative COW Magazine : Ghost of Goodnight Lane Issue
Making Giant Dinosaurs on Tiny Budgets with Kevin Blank
The COW's Visit to IBC in Amsterdam
Using the Sony F3 with S-Log to film 'Ghost of Goodnight Lane'
A look at HBO's Digital Future
Douglas Trumbull on what theater-goers can expect in the days ahead
A moving tribute to Steve Jobs by Tim Wilson and Tim's father, who worked with Steve many years ago.

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Articles in this Issue

NEWS: People in the News
Steve Jobs - A Personal Calendar EntrySteve Jobs - A Personal Calendar Entry

Steve Jobs was almost unbelievably young when we met him. We talk about him as a visionary now, but then, they called him a whiz kid, the Boy Wonder: 21 when Apple was founded in 1976, 22 when Apple formally incorporated, 25 for Apple's IPO, and 26 when he first made the cover of Time Magazine. Macintosh shipped when Steve was 28.

Editorial   11/30/2011
Author: Tim Wilson
Art of the Edit
Giant Dinosaurs, Tiny BudgetsGiant Dinosaurs, Tiny Budgets

Spielberg? Dinosaurs? Every effects house wanted in -- until they saw the budget. Terra Nova VFX Supervisor Kevin Blank takes us back in time, to the laying of their VFX plans.

Feature   11/08/2011
Author: Kevin Blank
Sony F3 with S-LOG Shoots Ghost of Goodnight LaneSony F3 with S-LOG Shoots Ghost of Goodnight Lane

The Sony F3 with the S-LOG option uses its 35mm chip to shoot 4:4:4 RGB with 13.5 stops, for a picture so good it's scary. Here's a report from the very first feature shot with it.

Feature   11/07/2011
Author: Jonny Revolt
Douglas Trumbull Sees a Better Filmgoing FutureDouglas Trumbull Sees a Better Filmgoing Future

Douglas Trumbull first won acclaim with the visual effects for such groundbreaking features as "2001: A Space Odyssey," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," and his own "Silent Running," but with the invention of Showscan in the late 1970s, he became the godfather of high-frame rate cinema. This pioneering innovator sees a better filmgoing future.

Feature, People / Interview   11/29/2011
Author: Douglas Trumbull
Art of the Edit
HBO's Digital TransitionHBO's Digital Transition

HBO holds the highest reputation for television image quality, often based on an aesthetic very closely tied to their use of film. The stakes as they move toward digital pipelines are especially high as they very carefully consider their next steps, for both production and post.

Feature   10/14/2011
Author: Debra Kaufman

Writers in this Issue

Debra KaufmanDouglas TrumbullJonny RevoltKevin BlankRonald LindeboomTim Wilson
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