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Creative COW Magazine : Heavy Lifting Issue
The Heavy Lifting Issue of Creative COW Magazine is filled with powerful case studies of media production. Stories include:
Heavy Iron: When You Really Need Results How an agile business prospers in today’s tough market? --
“Flypacking” with the Dalai Lama: A production powerhouse takes it on the road with the Dalai Lama --
Designing the Neil Young Archives: Inside the most adventurous Blu-ray disc experience, yet --
HD Unleashed: Wireless uncompressed HD --
Bessie’s New Tools Round-Up: Cray Supercomputers comes to the desktop, more --
Digital Files On Film: Even all-digital productions are mostly shown on film --
Valuing Your Time: Taking the emotion out of valuing your time collecting debts --
Creative Cow Records: Mancave Recording Studio, opens the door to Bessie’s newest foray in the pasture

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Articles in this Issue

DVD Authoring
Designing the Neil Young ArchivesDesigning the Neil Young Archives

When the 10-disk "Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1 (1963-1972)" was released in 2009, it established a benchmark for what is possible with advanced Blu-ray authoring for multimedia that has yet to be equaled. In Creative COW Magazine's "Heavy Lifting Issue," we asked Megan McKenna to tell us about her team's work on this massive project, over four years in the making.

Feature   08/04/2010
Author: Megan Mckenna
HD High-End
HD UnleashedHD Unleashed

In this review from The Creative COW Magazine, Charles Papert, SOC, sets his Steadicam free with wireless, uncompressed HD using the IDX CAM~WAVE.

Review   08/19/2009
Author: Charles Papert
Bessie's New Tool Round-upBessie's New Tool Round-up

There are a lot of new products designed with your heavy lifting needs in mind. Here are a few that have recently managed to catch our eyes.

Review   08/19/2009
Author: Cowdog
Indie Film & Documentary
Film? Really? Yes, Really.Film? Really? Yes, Really.

Even all-digital, file-based films are still shown mostly on film. That's why Mike Lehman is helping indie filmmakers get their work onto the worldwide standard for theatrical exhibition.

Editorial   08/19/2009
Author: Mike Lehman
Business & Marketing
Valuing Your TimeValuing Your Time

In this business article from The Creative COW Magazine, Ron Lindeboom takes a cowish look at the story of Jack In the Beanstalk.

Business   08/19/2009
Author: Ron Lindeboom
The more things change... the more they change!The more things change... the more they change!

One project took four years, and included unprecedented interactivity, Java-enabled delivery of new material to network-connected Blu-ray players, and auto updating interfaces. This is not a problem solved by a $1000 software suite.

Editorial   08/18/2009
Author: Tim Wilson
Business & Marketing
Heavy IronHeavy Iron

How can a creative business survive, much less prosper, these days? DigitalFilm Tree's Zed Saeed offers a possible solution that combines embracing new, disruptive, low-cost technologies, and investing wisely to add value.

Editorial, Business   08/18/2009
Author: Zed Saeed
Live & Stage Events
Flypacking for the Dalai LamaFlypacking for the Dalai Lama

Need a single, portable production package for image magnification, broadcast and webcast - all at the same time? Don't panic. Let Todd Gillespie's experience help lead you to inner peace.

Editorial   08/18/2009
Author: Todd Gillespie

Writers in this Issue

Charles PapertMegan McKennaMike LehmanRonald LindeboomTim WilsonTodd GillespieZed Saeed
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