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Creative COW Magazine : In the Air: The Battle Over Spectrum Issue
Very close to the end of preparing this issue of Creative COW Magazine, we were delighted to add Debra Kaufman to the Creative COW team, as our new Associate Editor. After over 20 years as the most respected freelance writer in the industry, she has joined us full time, and we're truly honored. More prudent magazine builders would have waited for the next full cycle before getting underway -- but what fun would that be? Instead, with a week to go before our deadline, we added not one but two stories by Debra to this issue, both of which are featured on the cover.
Tim Wilson, Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher of Creative COW Magazine breathes "In the Air" of revolution and change with, "If the future you thought was out there someday is actually here today, what's really ahead in your future?"
Debra Kaufman addresses The Battle Over Spectrum: NAB and the FCC -- In a battle over long-held broadcast frequencies, sides are drawn.
Adventures in the Z-Plane -- Angela Wilson Gyetvan shares her considerable 3D expertise
The 4K Restoration of Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver": A talk with the team behind this historic film's 4K restoration
Charting Your Camera With today's incredibly powerful and feature rich cameras, there is a lot more to setting up your camera than just white balancing
OK Go: This Too Shall Pass -- A four minute single unbroken shoot makes an incredible video
3D Post: A Business in Progress -- Over half of George Bellias's business is already 3D. Here's why...
The Story of Bessie: Creative COW's 10th Birthday: Tim Wilson recalls the ups and downs behind the COW's success
People of an Interconnected World -- Virtual communities have become much more than virtual

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Articles in this Issue

There's Something in the AirThere's Something in the Air

In this 25th Issue of Creative COW Magazine, we've done something that we've never done before, which is to feature individual stories, rather than draw attention to an overall theme. We still have a theme, of course, so please allow Tim Wilson to introduce this issue by its official name: In the Air. We thought about calling it "On the Air," just in time for NAB, but we're doing more than just talk about broadcast. This issue is a look at, not just the changes that are coming to our industry, but also the changes that are already here. Your future may well have shown up already.

Editorial   05/11/2011
Author: Tim Wilson
The Battle over SpectrumThe Battle over Spectrum

In this article from the 25th Issue of Creative COW Magazine, Debra Kaufman addresses The Battle Over Spectrum: NAB and the FCC -- In a battle over long-held broadcast frequencies, sides are drawn.

Feature   05/11/2011
Author: Debra Kaufman
Stereoscopic 3D
Adventures in the Z PlaneAdventures in the Z Plane

An industry leader, Angela Wilson Gyetvan, sets up shop to tell the truth about stereoscopic production, with a reminder to go where the visionaries are going.

Feature   05/11/2011
Author: Angela Wilson Gyetvan
Restoring Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver in Sony 4K Digital CinemaRestoring Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver in Sony 4K Digital Cinema

As a landmark in American film history celebrates 35 years, Sony Pictures Entertainment leads a cutting-edge 4K restoration for Blu-ray and limited theatrical re-release. Debra Kaufman joins the COW team with an exclusive in-depth article describing the restoration of Taxi Driver in Sony 4K Digital Cinema for its 35th anniversary.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview   05/11/2011
Author: Debra Kaufman
Charting Your CameraCharting Your Camera

One of the industry's most respected specialists offers some tips on how to use camera calibration charts and vectorscopes to make your camera images the best they can be.

Feature   05/11/2011
Author: Gary Adcock
Live & Stage Events
OK Go: This Too Shall PassOK Go: This Too Shall Pass

Capturing an unbroken 4-minute take of a Rube Goldberg machine occupying two floors of a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse, while dodging flying hazards and hoping that the machine actually runs its course, might sound hard. Here's the story of just how hard it was.

Feature   05/11/2011
Author: Mic Waugh
Stereoscopic 3D
3D Post: A Business Model in Progress3D Post: A Business Model in Progress

While some argue whether or not it's a fad, George Bellias has made 3D the core of his company's business. It's not the future for him. 3D is the now.

Feature   05/11/2011
Author: George Bellias
Business & Marketing
The Story of Bessie: Happy 10th Birthday, Creative COW!The Story of Bessie: Happy 10th Birthday, Creative COW!

We've often been asked to tell the story behind our beginnings. It's Bessie's 10th birthday, and so here it is dear readers, Bessie's very own story.

Feature   05/11/2011
Author: Tim Wilson
Letters to the COW Team
People of an interconnected worldPeople of an interconnected world

Creative COW is truly a worldwide body of interconnected people that reaches around the globe. What can any of us say except that our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with the Japanese people.

Editorial   05/11/2011
Author: Ron Lindeboom

Writers in this Issue

Angela GyetvanDebra KaufmanGary AdcockGeorge BelliasMic WaughRonald LindeboomTim Wilson
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