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Creative COW Magazine : Making it Up As You Go Issue
What looks like the end of the road doesn't have to be the end of the story. This sets the theme for Creative COW Magazine's 24th Issue. Rob Ashe, Dan Dome, Chris Pelzar, Alex Timbs, Stephen Campbell, Tim Wilson and Ronald Lindeboom explore solutions with new technology and brainpower. "Our jobs keep changing," quotes editor-in-chief, Tim Wilson, but we expand our creativity and become flexible in ways we didn't think possible. Read great articles describing how each artist was able to make his work,
Tim Wilson: Out of the Box solutions? If only problems stayed in boxes.
Designing “Conan”: Rob Ashe takes us inside the design of “Conan” on TNT
Wiring “Conan”: Dan Dome takes us inside the production pipeline of “Conan”
“Before We Begin...”: Alex Timb of Animal Logic explores the Making of “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole”
Bright Lights, Big Signage: Chris Pelzar works in the world of Times Square’s big signage.
The Business of INTRAnet Web Video: Richard Harrington outlines the world of corporate web video
Dreams of Freedom: Stephen Campbell looks at a project to end human slavery
Ronald Lindeboom's Back 40: DaVinci, our 3rd most trafficked forum

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Articles in this Issue

Adobe After Effects
Designing ConanDesigning Conan

Title designer extraordinaire and longtime COW member, Rob Ashe, takes us inside the design of "Conan" on TBS. From the story of Conan's journey to his new TV home, through the show's title design and workflow engineering, here’s a look at Conan's new "beginning." Plus a trip through a single day, from prep, to post, to air.

Feature, People / Interview, Project   03/16/2011
Author: Rob Ashe
Art of the Edit
Wiring “Conan”Wiring “Conan”

Dan Dome takes us inside the production pipeline of "Conan". The studio taping of "Conan" starts at 4:30 Pacific, and runs in real time. It ends at 5:30, and "we have to have everything in Atlanta by 8 PM Pacific time, 11 PM Eastern, when the show starts to air." See how it's done in this advanced facility designed for tight turn-arounds.

Feature, Project   03/16/2011
Author: Dan Dome
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hooleLegend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole

With a 3-year production cycle for a major animated feature ahead of them, the artists at Australia's Animal Logic had a lot of work to do -- before they could begin working.

Feature, Project   03/16/2011
Author: Alex Timbs
Blackmagic Design
Bright Lights, Big SignageBright Lights, Big Signage

"Activate the Space" builds on their experience in post and broadcast to rewrite the rules of digital signage for some of the world’s most visible stages and public spaces.

Feature, People / Interview, Project   03/16/2011
Author: Chris Pelzar
Business & Marketing
The Business of Intranet Web VideoThe Business of Intranet Web Video

In crafting creative approaches for HR outreach, RHED Pixel has created a new business model for corporate video. They have also discovered time and money-saving approaches useful for every producer.

Tutorial, Feature, Business   03/16/2011
Author: Richard Harrington
Dreams of FreedomDreams of Freedom

Centered around flight as a metaphor for freedom, the "Storyville Live" project and the short film "Flyboy" contribute to ending the very real and ongoing slavery of millions.

Feature, Project   03/16/2011
Author: Stephen Campbell
Business & Marketing
Out of the Box Solutions?Out of the Box Solutions?

"If only problems stayed in boxes," Tim Wilson muses over the "Making It Up Issue" of Creative COW Magazine. He's also okay with a bunch of new problems. Making things up as you go along means that what looks like the end of the road doesn't have to be the end of the story.

Editorial   03/16/2011
Author: Tim Wilson
DaVinci, Our 3rd Most Trafficked Forum?DaVinci, Our 3rd Most Trafficked Forum?

DaVinci is our third most trafficked forum? What other surprises are in store for you at the COW? Ronald Lindeboom addresses inspiration from the great masterminds -- if one creative mind joins with another creative mind, they create an übermind, and Non-Linear Creativity.

Editorial   03/16/2011
Author: Ron Lindeboom

Writers in this Issue

Alex TimbsChris PelzarDan DomeRichard HarringtonRob AsheRonald LindeboomStephen CampbellTim Wilson
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