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The Music Videos issue is filled with examples of creative ideas, techniques and shooting styles that were used in some of the great music videos that you can see on TV, on YouTube and elsewhere. There are many examples of workflows, cameras, lighting techniques and other concepts that you will find useful, regardless if you are a producer, an editor, a compositor or work with cameras and lights. This is a great issue and one that we know you will find useful.

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Articles in this Issue

Adobe After Effects
Behind the Scenes from Behind OasisBehind the Scenes from Behind Oasis

When one of the world's biggest rock and roll bands, Oasis, celebrated a career's worth of achievement, the film playing behind Rock-n-Roll Star was created by Creative COW author Nel Johnson and the team at Studio Skylab. Learn the After Effects techniques that helped them complete the project under a ridiculous deadline, while wowing Oasis and a worldwide audience. As Nel puts it, "We locked ourselves away, cranked up the music, and went nuts." In this Creative COW Magazine Extra, we take a closer look at the story, starting with the creation of the film's unique look.

Feature   08/12/2008
Author: Nel Johnson
Adobe After Effects
Poets of the Fall/Stobe Harju Music VideosPoets of the Fall/Stobe Harju Music Videos

Creative COW Magazines Music Video issue featured a look at the making of Poets of the Falls Carnival of Rust, one of the most imaginative music videos we have seen. Created in Helsinki, Finland by director Stobe Harju and director of photography Eki Halkka, you can read about the making of Carnival of Rust in our free Music Video issue, and here in this magazine extras page you will find links to the videos, interview podcasts, more on the band, their music, as well as the music videos of Stobe and Eki.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview   05/29/2008
Author: Eki Halkka
Finding the Heart of the ARRI D20 Digital CameraFinding the Heart of the ARRI D20 Digital Camera

With HD, Thomas says he ''has the ability to finesse color, exposure and contrast in the color correction suite. I used to look down my nose at video but RAW 4:4:4 is more creative, efficient.'' In this Creative COW Magazine article, Thomas Burstyn takes a look at the Arri D20 as he films Sci-Fi's Tin Man.

Review   02/26/2008
Author: Thomas Burstyn
Indie Film & Documentary
A Labor of LoveA Labor of Love

In this article from The Creative COW Magazine, Laurie Pepper discusses her adventures in the movie making industry and her late husband Art Pepper, one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time.

Feature, People / Interview   02/18/2008
Author: Laurie Pepper
DVD Authoring
Authoring 5.1 Surround DVDsAuthoring 5.1 Surround DVDs

You may not sell a million copies of your DVD... but at least it will sound like a million bucks. In this DVD authoring tutorial, David Roth Weiss explains how to author 5.1 surround DVDs with Compressor and Soundtrack Pro 2.

Tutorial   02/11/2008
Author: David Roth Weiss
RED Camera
RED: Early Workflow FindingsRED: Early Workflow Findings

In this real world video production RED Camera review from The Creative COW Magazine, Aaron Zander discusses how The Brooks Institute students put RED ONE through the paces of a student production. Here are their findings.

Review   02/11/2008
Author: Aaron Zander
Panasonic HVX - HPX (P2)
P2 Digital Workflows with the Panasonic HPX500P2 Digital Workflows with the Panasonic HPX500

Don't be afraid of digital workflows, says Mark. And don't be afraid to spend money on the right camera. In this Creative COW Magazine article, Mark Wagoner discusses workflow when working with the Panasonic HPX500 in comparison to the HVX200 and other cameras.

Review   02/03/2008
Author: Mark Wagoner

Writers in this Issue

Aaron ZanderDavid WeissEki Halkka and Stobe HarjuLaurie PepperMark WagonerNel JohnsonThomas Burstyn
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