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Creative COW Magazine : Our NAB 2011 Blue Ribbon Award Winners Issue
COWs speak, we report. Because we wanted to know what YOU were most impressed by at NAB, we took a different approach to the Creative COW Blue Ribbon Awards for Best of Show. We didn’t want editors like us making decisions after a shiny demo. The “voting” for these awards, so to speak, is conducted in public by the paying customers and prospects posting at We wait to see what people are still talking about after the buzz settles back down and it’s time to talk budgets. As it says on the cover: our members talk, we report.

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Articles in this Issue

NAB Expo
The COWs Have Spoken. Here Is Our Report.The COWs Have Spoken. Here Is Our Report.

If making awards issues with integrity that were fun to read was easy, everyone would do it.

Editorial   07/31/2011
Author: Tim Wilson
Art of the Edit
Now What? The HDCAM SR Tape ShortageNow What? The HDCAM SR Tape Shortage

Shooting the Fall 2011 TV season is already largely tapeless but HDCAM SR has still been the standard for mastering and delivery. What are people doing now in the wake of the SR tape shortage?

Editorial, Feature   07/31/2011
Author: Debra Kaufman
NAB Expo
NAB 2011 Camera News: Winds of ChangeNAB 2011 Camera News: Winds of Change

Gary Adcock picks some of NAB's hottest high-end cameras.

Review, Feature   07/31/2011
Author: Gary Adcock
Assimilate Scratch
Heroes of RAW WorkflowHeroes of RAW Workflow

Santa Monica’s Local Hero Post are using ASSIMILATE SCRATCH to change the future of RAW file-based workflows.

Feature   07/31/2011
Author: Leandro Marini
NAB Expo
You Ain't Seen Everything Yet!You Ain't Seen Everything Yet!

With one of the most trusted, respected and feared voices in the industry, Bob Zelin gives a no-holds-barred look at some of NAB ‘11’s Best of Show.

Editorial, Feature   07/31/2011
Author: Bob Zelin
NAB Expo
The State of the Art for 3D Cameras at NAB 2011The State of the Art for 3D Cameras at NAB 2011

NAB Show 2011's 3D was much more than the "Look, we have 3D!" This year it was also, "Look how much easier, faster and smaller we've made 3D!"

Editorial   07/31/2011
Author: Steven Bradford
Business & Marketing
The Back Forty: The Real Truth Of How Creative Cow Magazine Did Not Win An AwardThe Back Forty: The Real Truth Of How Creative Cow Magazine Did Not Win An Award

Tim Wilson takes over the Back Forty for this issue to say, "Allow me to interrupt our regularly scheduled Back Forty to tell you what happened when our publisher Ronald Lindeboom called me one morning in April, saying, 'You're not going to believe this, Creative COW Magazine finally won an award!'"

Editorial   07/31/2011
Author: Tim Wilson

Writers in this Issue

Bob ZelinDebra KaufmanGary AdcockRonald LindeboomSteven BradfordTim Wilson
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