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Creative COW Magazine : Portable Media Issue
Portable Media: Mini-Formats Are Big Business
How Mini-Media Is Changing the Tools and Means of Production
Blu-ray & HD-DVD In the Wake of Mini-Media
Radical Approaches to Acquiring for Mini-Media
Preserving Detail In Mini-Media Movies
Micro-Casting: Finding Your Niche
Building A Professional Machine Room
Building Websites That Win Clients
& much more...

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Articles in this Issue

Media 100 | Media 100 HD
Media 100 breaks out of its shell at lastMedia 100 breaks out of its shell at last

Have a bunch of Media 100 projects archived that you'd like to have access to, again? Media 100 breaks out of its shell at long last, releasing new versions of their editing system that are software-only, or that can run on cards like the AJA Kona.

Review, Editorial   05/09/2007
Author: Cowdog
Business & Marketing
How To Write Press Releases That Get Your Business SeenHow To Write Press Releases That Get Your Business Seen

In this article from The Creative COW Magazine, Walter Biscardi discusses how to write great press releases to increase the publicity of your business.

Tutorial   05/09/2007
Author: Walter Biscardi
Micro-Casting: Picking Your TargetMicro-Casting: Picking Your Target

In this article from The Creative COW Magazine, Ron Lindeboom and Tim Wilson discuss how Eric and Cat Susch, with high production values, zero in on micro-cast broadcasting. In the iTunes podcasts they are climing the charts as their popularity grows and their commitment to podcast video quality is recognized.

Editorial   04/27/2007
Author: Ron Lindeboom
Audio Professionals
Avoiding Whirrs, Rattles and HumsAvoiding Whirrs, Rattles and Hums

In this Creative COW Magazine article Michael Hanish gives some great free tips, tricks and techniques on how to do professional audio and avoid all the headaches that can go along with it. Michael covers video shoots, music, performances and more real world environments where you can apply this helpful training.

Tutorial, Feature   04/17/2007
Author: Michael Hanish
Compression techniques
How To Preserve Detail in Mini-Media MoviesHow To Preserve Detail in Mini-Media Movies

In this Creative COW Magazine article Aharon Rabinowitz discusses distributing mini-media formats across the web, mobile phones and other devices. Aharon gets into the specific aspects of this growing market and covers common questions like, When to use Flash or Quicktime? What compression should I use? What bit rate? and gives helpful tips for distributing your videos to some of the most popular areas such as YouTube.

Tutorial, Feature   04/17/2007
Author: Aharon Rabinowitz
Creative COW Magazine feedback
Extending the Concept of Online CommunitiesExtending the Concept of Online Communities

In this Creative COW Magazine article, Kathlyn Lindeboom discusses some of the new additions to Creative COW in 2007 and how they will help enhance your user experience.

Editorial   04/09/2007
Author: Kathlyn Lindeboom
Motion Graphics
Educating the Future of High DefinitionEducating the Future of High Definition

JMU faced many challenges on the way to a working HD facility. In this Creative COW Magazine article, John Woody discusses some of the struggles and triumphs experienced at James Madison University.

Feature, People / Interview   04/06/2007
Author: John Woody
Adobe After Effects Techniques
Building a Professional Machine RoomBuilding a Professional Machine Room

You bought a new Final Cut Pro system to go with your Avid Media Composer or your other Final Cut Pro systems. You have an After Effects system with an AJA, Blackmagic or other card in it, so you can capture video and audio on this station as well. Your neighbor in the next office has a ProTools or a Logic system, and he wants to tie into some of your machines. You're on your way to becoming exactly what you didn't want to be - a facility. Oh no!

Tutorial   04/06/2007
Author: Bob Zelin
Adobe After Effects
Designing Content for a Multi-Screen Video DisplayDesigning Content for a Multi-Screen Video Display

Matt Hall reveals an easy method for creating multi-screen display video presentations for use in trade shows, concerts and other events and situations. By following Matt Hall's instructions in this article - and cross-checking your own settings in Adobe After Effects against Matt's settings - you can learn the secret of multi-screen display presentations.

Tutorial   04/06/2007
Author: Matt Hall
Motion Graphics
Convergence & Divergence: Blu-ray, HD-DVD, traditional broadcasting and The Resolution ContradictionConvergence & Divergence: Blu-ray, HD-DVD, traditional broadcasting and The Resolution Contradiction

The audience for low resolution, small format video is exploding, while HDTV adoption is slower than predicted and excitement over high-definition DVD formats is barely a blip on the radar. Where do we go from here?

Editorial   04/06/2007
Author: Peter Berghammer
Mini-Formats: Big Money For Your BusinessMini-Formats: Big Money For Your Business

No matter if you are a major broadcaster or a one person shop, small format is opening up big markets. In this Creative COW Magazine article Ron and Kathlyn Lindeboom discuss portable media and the future that they hold in the broadcast market.

Editorial   04/06/2007
Author: Kathlyn Lindeboom
Compression techniques
Radical Approaches to Mini - MediaRadical Approaches to Mini - Media

Portable media is quickly becoming one of the most popular arenas for video production and broadcast. In this Creative COW Magazine article Tim Wilson discusses the insights about multi-platform media revealed from his interview with Evan Schechtman, CTO of Radical Media and explains how to get the tools to utilize this expanding marketplace.

Feature, People / Interview   03/16/2007
Author: Tim Wilson

Writers in this Issue

Aharon RabinowitzBob ZelinKathlyn LindeboomMatt HallPeter BerghammerRonald LindeboomTim WilsonWalter Biscardi
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