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Creative COW Magazine : Power of Artistic Passion Issue
Power of Artistic Passion
Building a recording studio
Perfect Color-Keys: A Checklist
Cross Platform Workflows using the SheerVideo Codec
Making a Movie, Building a Universe
Why Adove Illustrator is a Video Tool
Outfitting a Remote Production Truck
To be or not to be... self-employed
Getting Your Film into Film Festivals
& much more...

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Articles in this Issue

Indie Film & Documentary
Film Festival SuccessFilm Festival Success

In this article from The Creative COW Magazine, J.C. Bouvier gives five tips for getting your film into a film festival.

Feature, People / Interview   09/13/2012
Author: J.C. Bouvier
Compression techniques
Cross-Platform Workflows using SheerVideo compressionCross-Platform Workflows using SheerVideo compression

In this Creative COW Magazine article, David Battistella takes a look at cross-platform workflows using the SheerVido Codec. SheerVideo is a family of lossless codecs developed by BitJazz for professional-quality uncompressed video. David does a great job in this article explaining the how, why, and if you should utilize this codec into your workflow.

Review, Feature   07/18/2007
Author: David Battistella
Audio Professionals
Building a Recording StudioBuilding a Recording Studio

Here are some tips from a guy who has worked with Ringo Starr, Sting and many others. Sure, there's the easy way. Then there's Doug's way...obsessive, but still on a budget.

Tutorial   07/10/2007
Author: Doug Hansel
Indie Film & Documentary
A Tale of Cows, People, Passion and High TechA Tale of Cows, People, Passion and High Tech

After we remarked in the January/February 2007 issue that this would be the year of the COW, Barbara Summer Burstyn wrote to tell us about the film she and her husband Tom had made, with cows playing a central role in its theme. Its a fascinating story that sheds light on the challenges of documentary filmmaking.

Feature   06/17/2007
Author: Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Thomas Burstyn
Indie Film & Documentary
Making a Movie - Building a UniverseMaking a Movie - Building a Universe

In this Creative COW Magazine article independent filmmaker Bryan Kinnaird takes you on a journey through the production process of the Villikon Chronicles and shares what it has taken for him to become the filmmaker he is today.

Feature   06/17/2007
Author: Bryan Kinnaird
HDV Format
Building the Perfect HDV KeyBuilding the Perfect HDV Key

In the first of our Creative COW Magazine Web Extras, we begin with Stephen Smiths outstanding article on setting up an area for proper keying from the May-June 2007 edition. His article covers every option for setting up and lighting perfect keys. Here, we look at the best advice around The COWs online communities for pulling keys from HDV footage.

Tutorial, Feature   06/15/2007
Author: Tim Wilson
Creative COW Magazine feedback
Bessie's wondering what you're thinkingBessie's wondering what you're thinking

A funny thing happened on the way to the world of print publishing...

Feature   06/10/2007
Author: Kathlyn Lindeboom
Adobe After Effects Techniques
Favorite Things for Video ProductionFavorite Things for Video Production

In this editorial from The Creative COW Magazine, Bob Zelin unearths some of his favorite things that pass his grueling daily video production torture test. Lyn Norstad joins Bob for his own personal favorite.

Editorial   06/10/2007
Author: Bob Zelin
Motion Graphics - How Do I?
The World of Post ProductionThe World of Post Production

The old adage says 'cheaper, faster, better - pick any two.' But is it still true? David Roth Weiss isn't sure anymore. Still, there's something clearly missing in production circles. Veteran director/editor David Roth Weiss looks at what's changing in the world of post production - and what's not.

Editorial   06/10/2007
Author: David Roth Weiss
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator for Video and FilmAdobe Illustrator for Video and Film

In this Adobe Illustrator review from The Creative COW Magazine, Tim Wilson looks at the ways that Adobe's Illustrator CS3 is designed with video and film artists in mind.

Review   06/10/2007
Author: Tim Wilson
Indie Film & Documentary
Independent Film Productions - Through the SwampsIndependent Film Productions - Through the Swamps

Navigating the challenges of independent productions. Low budgets don't have to mean low quality. They do mean that you'll have to work harder, longer, and smarter. What you lack in money and crew, you have to make up with hard work and passion.

People / Interview   06/10/2007
Author: Mark Maness
Business & Marketing
To Be or Not To Be Self-EmployedTo Be or Not To Be Self-Employed

Self-employment may be your personal path to riches and enlightenment, or it may be one of the worst choices you'll ever make. In this article, Creative COW's Nick Griffin discusses the pros, cons and realities of starting your own business and gets into some of the things that should be considered before making the leap.

Editorial   06/10/2007
Author: Nick Griffin
Motion Graphics
Outfitting a Remote Production TruckOutfitting a Remote Production Truck

Ken Martini has advice for building a remote production truck - and a business - that's ready for anything. In this Creative COW Magazine article Ken discusses what it takes to have a successful video production truck outfitted with all the tools you need.

Tutorial   06/10/2007
Author: Ken Martini
Business & Marketing
The Power of PassionThe Power of Passion

Making the most of your opportunities sometimes means knowing when not to take no for an answer. Many a project has fallen to the wayside because commonsense prevailed and the reasons to quit became greater than the will fueling the attempt. In the creative process, few things are as important as the passion and drive of the artist.

Editorial   06/09/2007
Author: Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom

Writers in this Issue

Barbara Summer BurstynBob ZelinBryan KinnairdDavid BattistellaDavid WeissDoug HanselJ.C. BouvierKen MartiniLyn NorstadNick GriffinSteven Smith
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