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Creative COW Magazine : Stereoscopic 3D Issue
The Stereoscopic 3D issue is filled with expert insight and commentary, opinion, technique and from-the-trenches stories about many facets of acquiring, creating, marketing and distributing Stereoscopic 3D. Here's a brief look at some of the people and technologies powering the new generation of 3D storytelling -- which looks like it might be here to stay this time!

Brian Gardner explores the roots of 3D in human perception.
Bernie Laramie of Stereoscope Studios and Jason Goodman of 21st Century 3D show the amazing 3D rigs they've built in order to capture their stories.
John Daro shows us how he handles 3D DI at industry-leader FotoKem.
Jim Mainard at DreamWorks Animation and Greg Foster, the president of IMAX Filmed Entertainment, talk about what 3D means to their companies.
Ray Zone, the world expert in the history of 3D imaging, examines its past to see its future
Chris Heuer describes bringing the classic "Nosferatu" into 3D.

This is just the beginning of the COW Magazine's 3D coverage, but it's a GREAT start! See for yourself.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we had making it.

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Articles in this Issue

Stereoscopic 3D
Storytelling, Reality, and Utopians of the ImageStorytelling, Reality, and Utopians of the Image

An Introduction to the Stereoscopic 3D Creative COW Magazine Issue - From the time we first heard stories as humans, we have wanted to be persuaded by illusions. When we are, we never say, That could never happen, because it just did.

Editorial   06/02/2009
Author: Tim Wilson
Stereoscopic 3D
Perception and The Art of 3D StorytellingPerception and The Art of 3D Storytelling

By working in the area between what you see, and what you can see, Brian Gardner is helping re-write the rules of 3D filmmaking - right before your very eyes. In this article, he tells how some of these new rules played out in his work on the amazing movie, Coraline.

Tutorial, Feature, People / Interview   06/02/2009
Author: Brian Gardner
Stereoscopic 3D
Tiny Stereoscopic Rigs - Big PicturesTiny Stereoscopic Rigs - Big Pictures

In this article from the Stereoscopic 3D issue of The Creative COW Magazine, Bernie Laramie, co-founder of Stereoscope, discusses rigs and stereoscopic hardware used in creating high-end 3D movies.

Tutorial, Feature, People / Interview   06/02/2009
Author: Bernie Laramie
Stereoscopic 3D
All In - Dreamworks Animation Goes All 3DAll In - Dreamworks Animation Goes All 3D

DreamWorks wasn't the first to make a modern-day 3D animated movie. But they were the first to commit to do nothing else, and to commit to start-to-finish 3D authoring for all of it.

Feature, People / Interview   06/02/2009
Author: Jim Mainard
Stereoscopic 3D
IMAX - The Biggest Name in 3DIMAX - The Biggest Name in 3D

IMAX talks about what they look for in bringing 3D to their screens. IMAX has made a big commitment to 3D exhibition: 200 new screens coming on line as quickly as possible, with IMAX producing all of their documentaries in stereoscopic 3D.

Feature, People / Interview   06/02/2009
Author: Greg Foster
Stereoscopic 3D
The 3D Zone: Its Past & Its FutureThe 3D Zone: Its Past & Its Future

The world expert in the history of 3D imaging looks at its past to see into its future. Along the way, he looks at the role of comics in the evolution of 3D storytelling, the importance of anaglyph even today, and why 3D is going to stick around this time.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview   06/02/2009
Author: Ray Zone
Stereoscopic 3D
FotoKem: 3D DIFotoKem: 3D DI

FotoKem opened as a film lab in 1963, and has continued to evolve and expand. Here are some of the tools they're using as the industry, and their business, now adds another dimension.

Feature, People / Interview   06/02/2009
Author: John Daro
Stereoscopic 3D
The 3DVXThe 3DVX

Stereoscopic, uncompressed 10-bit HD RAW - from a pair of modded DVX100s!

Feature, People / Interview   06/02/2009
Author: Jason Goodman
Adobe After Effects
Nosferatu becomes Orlok the Vampire in 3D!Nosferatu becomes Orlok the Vampire in 3D!

Nosferatu, the first vampire movie, and some say still the best, rises again in 3D! Chris Heuer used desktop tools including AE and Mocha to breathe new life into this classic of world cinema.

Feature   06/02/2009
Author: Chris Heuer
Business & Marketing
Taking the Lay of the Land in 2009Taking the Lay of the Land in 2009

In this article from Creative COW Magazine, Ron Lindeboom looks at some ideas that can help your business grow when markets are weak.

Business   06/02/2009
Author: Ron Lindeboom

Writers in this Issue

Bernie LaramieBrian GardnerChris HeuerGreg FosterJason GoodmanJim MainardJohn DaroRay ZoneRonald LindeboomTim Wilson
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