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Creative COW Magazine : The Future is NOW Issue
In the Future is NOW issue, our talented scope of COW authors offer unexpected insights into the current state of cameras and lenses (including HDSLRs), best uses of social media, the latest multimedia technologies, and a documentary about a family who truly exemplifies living in the now. By paying attention to what's happening now, we find the ways in which the future - and its new possibilities - is already here. Featured articles include:
Your Future Is Now - Creative COW Leader, Gary Adcock, works with many of the people and companies defining the future.
HDSLRs for Video: Beyond the Hype - Marco Solorio’s real-world exploration of DSLRs continues.
This Way of Life - Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Thomas Burstyn reveal what it means to live in this very moment as they lead us through a four-year journey by two families, one on each side of the lens.
Coacoochee’s Story - One story, two perspectives, three turntables, four screens.
Industry News and Featured Products - New cameras, lenses, plug-ins, and iPhone applications.
2010: The Year the COW Gets Real - The industry’s largest virtual community for media pros will expand its services and offerings for its members during 2010. It will be a year of big changes and additional services.

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Articles in this Issue

Indie Film & Documentary
Coacoochee's StoryCoacoochee's Story

Highly complex multi-media installations -- at least the successful ones -- are only possible through careful planning, intense cooperation, and a willingness to turn the picture on its side.

Feature, People / Interview   05/05/2010
Author: Mike Sullivan
This Way of LifeThis Way of Life

Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Thomas Burstyn inspire readers with their four-year journey by two families to produce a film and experience life with a new perspective. This Way of Life is a film about a family, 50 horses, a mountain, a beach and a burnt down house. Ride along with this incredible filmmaking family as you read their story and prepare to be changed for the better.

Feature   05/05/2010
Author: Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Thomas Burstyn
Your Future is NOWYour Future is NOW

Creative COW's Gary Adcock has been traveling the world, working with both manufacturers and cinematographers that are building the future. Here is his report.

Feature, People / Interview   05/04/2010
Author: Gary Adcock
Business & Marketing
Creative COW - Year 10Creative COW - Year 10

As we enter year 10, Creative COW Foundation is launched to award scholarships & grants to students in film & media studies. Creative COW Foundation has awarded its first check for $10,000 to the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women.

Editorial   05/03/2010
Author: Ron Lindeboom
COWmunications feedback
All things considered, I’d rather be here now.All things considered, I’d rather be here now.

By paying attention to what is happening now, we find the ways in which the future, and its new possibilities, is already here.

Editorial   05/01/2010
Author: Tim Wilson
DSLR Video
HDSLRs for Video: Beyond the HypeHDSLRs for Video: Beyond the Hype

There has been an amazing amount of chatter around the HD video capabilities of recent still cameras - if they can still be called that! Rather than play into the hupe of what MIGHT be possible with these cameras, Creative COW Magazine Contributing Editor Marco Solorio takes you inside the real world of production with paying clients using these cameras, including workarounds for their current limitations, and some of the things that video shooters will need to know as they get started using these cameras.

Review, Feature   03/16/2010
Author: Marco Solorio

Writers in this Issue

Barbara Summer BurstynGary AdcockMarco SolorioMike SullivanRonald LindeboomThomas BurstynTim Wilson
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