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Creative COW Magazine : The Vampire Diaries Issue
The Vampire Diaries: One of the editors of the popular CW series takes readers inside the show's editing choices, pacing and style.
Cinematography’s Roots in Painting & Art: Yuri Neyman ASC explores the roots of cinematography in painting and art.
A Digital Image Technician Tells All: A bi-coastal go-to-guy shares secrets learned supporting major broadcasters, agencies and film studios.
In Their Own Words: The Tuskegee Airmen: Honoring the lives of real life heroes among us.
Multimedia in the Las Vegas Mob Museum: Inside the famed National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement.
What Is It About Social Media? While marketers look at the stats, we look at the people.
Tim Wilson's column: Confessions of a Teenage Girl

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Articles in this Issue

Confessions of a Teenage GirlConfessions of a Teenage Girl

Tim Wilson's bio photo may look like the vague approximation of a man in his early fifties, but he assures us most emphatically that it is the face of a teenage girl -- at least when he thinks about The Vampire Diaries. Look, this is just the way it is when you're a fan. We might try to keep our cool, but really, fans aren't about "cool." They're about passion.

Editorial   03/23/2012
Author: Tim Wilson
Art of the Edit
Style, Emotion & Vamping on The Vampire DiariesStyle, Emotion & Vamping on The Vampire Diaries

40 hours of dailies get cut into 42 minutes of rapid edits, extreme angles, heightened drama, elevated emotions and, as needed, elegance.

Feature   03/16/2012
Author: Nancy Forner, ACE
If Beauty Will Save the World, Will It Save Cinematography?If Beauty Will Save the World, Will It Save Cinematography?

Yuri Neyman, ASC looks at the history of cinematography and its roots in painting for clues about how to continue to develop the art and craft.

Editorial   03/22/2012
Author: Yuri Neyman, ASC
A DIT Tells AllA DIT Tells All

You've heard of on-set file-based workflow? That's Von Thomas. Here's an inside look at his gear, and management secrets that can work for you too.

Feature   03/21/2012
Author: Von Thomas
Indie Film & Documentary
In Their Own Words: The Tuskegee AirmenIn Their Own Words: The Tuskegee Airmen

In this Creative COW exclusive, read the story of how two Augusta-based filmmakers document the aviators who made history.

Feature   03/05/2012
Author: Bryan Williams and Denton Adkinson
Indie Film & Documentary
America Fights Back: The Mob MuseumAmerica Fights Back: The Mob Museum

"America Fights Back" at the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. A complete script rewrite with no reshoot budget, and technical challenges galore to create the museum centerpiece. No pressure.

Feature   03/23/2012
Author: Mike Sullivan
Social Media
What Is It About Social Media?What Is It About Social Media?

Why our world of up-to-the-moment communication helps fill our human need for community.

Editorial   03/20/2012
Author: Ronald Lindeboom

Writers in this Issue

Bryan Williams and Denton AdkinsonDebra KaufmanMike SullivanNancy Forner, ACERonald LindeboomTim WilsonVon ThomasYuri Neyman, ASC
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