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In this issue, "Thinking Big," we talk with companies that are growing rapidly and successfully in spite of the marketplace malaise that many are experiencing in these hyper-competitive times. What we found out from these incredibly successful companies may surprise you.
Making Big Plans: Team-building in South Africa -- How a South African animation company is taking over the world.
DaVinci: Rebuilding the Brand -- A talk with Blackmagic Design's Grant Petty about the future of one of the industry's mostly influential companies.
Molecule-fueled Imagination -- Unusual approaches to creativity inside one of New York's most successful post houses.
HDNet's Drive Toward Success -- One of the HDNet's founders tells the story behind the company.
Small Steps To Big Success -- How a Georgia company is growing, against the odds.
Setting A New Home 3D Standard -- Stereoscopic 3D hasn't "arrived" until it arrives in the home.
Participating in Your Own Rescue -- One way to think big is to never buy even your most logical excuses.

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Articles in this Issue

Business & Marketing
Business as Unusual as PossibleBusiness as Unusual as Possible

Sitting tight through changing times isn't a solution. It's the opposite of a solution. Great ideas are a dime a dozen. The challenge is finding a way to earn more than a dime from them. As encouragement, here are some insights for success that I've come across lately.

Business   10/15/2009
Author: Tim Wilson
Art of the Edit
Making Big PlansMaking Big Plans

Today, South Africa. Tomorrow, the world. Eugen and his colleagues at 3DTree carefully plan every job, plan how to extend their creativity - and yes, their expansion into Hollywood.

Feature, People / Interview   10/15/2009
Author: Eugen Olsen
DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci - Rebuilding the Brand for the 21st CenturyDaVinci - Rebuilding the Brand for the 21st Century

How's this for chutzpah? The DaVinci customers at Blackmagic Design buy the company, to set it back on the right path - making big investments, expanding service while slashing fees, accelerating development, and rebuilding Da Vinci from their own experience as its customers.

Feature, People / Interview   10/15/2009
Author: Grant Petty
Art of the Edit
Molecule Fueled ImaginationMolecule Fueled Imagination

Film? Television? Production? Post? Visual effects? Animation? Stereoscopic 3D? Interactive design? By answering Yes, all of the above, The Molecule keeps its eyes beyond the horizon.

Feature, People / Interview   10/15/2009
Author: Chris Healer
HD High-End
Driving Toward SuccessDriving Toward Success

No matter how unexpected and varied the routes, the roads to success are often marked by customer service, attention to detail, and the imagination to see that success is even possible.

Feature, People / Interview   10/15/2009
Author: Philip Garvin
Business & Marketing
Small Steps to Big SuccessSmall Steps to Big Success

Thinking big doesn't always mean having the whole vision at once. For Walter Biscardi, it combines client service, calculated risks, and big investments - especially during down markets.

Editorial, People / Interview   10/15/2009
Author: Walter Biscardi
Stereoscopic 3D
Setting a New 3D Home StandardSetting a New 3D Home Standard

Stereographic 3D hasn't arrived until it arrives in the home. TDVision has a proposal: a standard that works with any display, with both 2D and 3D in one stream, with no additional hardware.

Feature   10/15/2009
Author: Ethan Schur
Business & Marketing
Participating in Your Own RescueParticipating in Your Own Rescue

Your greatest tool - the one that is guaranteed to have the surety to gain you your next achievement, or to keep you from it - is there between your ears. It's in the way that you think, believe, and act.

Editorial   10/15/2009
Author: Ron Lindeboom

Writers in this Issue

Chris HealerEthan SchurEugen OlsenGrant PettyPhilip GarvinRonald LindeboomTim WilsonWalter Biscardi
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