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Creative COW Magazine : Visual Effects Issue
The visual effects issue of Creative COW Magazine is filled with ideas, inspiration, techniques and projects from the world of visual effects. Featuring some of the top artists from television and film, the issue takes you inside the incredible visual feast that you see in Warner Bros' "Pushing Daisies" -- arguably the most beautiful television world ever created. Then go into the world of invisible effects, looking at the magic created that the audience will never see -- and why these kinds of effects are often more important than the visual and special effects that wow audiences. Also in this issue is an artist who shows how to improvise effects in the production crucible of on-set production -- meeting the needs of the production that weren't planned or storyboarded. Learn the power of shadow effects in your lighting. And in this issue, you will also learn about depth of field converters and the state of Blu-ray production.

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Articles in this Issue

Pushing the Limits on Pushing DaisiesPushing the Limits on Pushing Daisies

Visual Effects Supervisor William Powloski helped create one of the most eye-popping worlds ever seen on TV, as part of a feature film aesthetic on a TV budget and schedule. Although it was canceled after only two seasons, it remains one of the most beautiful and innovative programs to ever air on US television. In an extended version of the original article in The Visual Effects Issue of Creative COW Magazine, here is an exclusive look at how he and his team helped pull it off.

Editorial, Feature, People / Interview   7/21/2009
Author: William Powloski
Focus on Controlling Depth of Field with Depth of Field ConvertersFocus on Controlling Depth of Field with Depth of Field Converters

Cinematographer and Creative Cow leader Todd Terry has shot countless television commercials and industrials using both 35mm film and depth-of-field converted video. In this Creative Cow Magazine Extra, from The Visual Effects Issue, learn how depth of field converters allow you to attach 35mm lenses even to video cameras with fixed lenses, how they work, and which one might be right for you.

Feature   02/10/2009
Author: Todd Terry
DVD Authoring
Blu-ray Today and BeyondBlu-ray Today and Beyond

Feel like Blu-ray's getting the better of you? Here are some of the tools that pro authors are using today, some that are coming soon - and at least one that might not be coming at all.

Editorial   12/12/2008
Author: Eric Pautsch
Adobe After Effects Techniques
Improvising Visual EffectsImprovising Visual Effects

On-set circumstances changing fast? Improvise! In this Creative COW Magazine article Mark Allen discusses how he overcame the complications in a recent short film production by improvising the visual effects.

Feature, People / Interview   12/03/2008
Author: Mark Allen
RE:Vision Effects
The Art and Science of Optical FlowThe Art and Science of Optical Flow

Creative COW leaders Pete Litwinowicz and Pierre Jasmin won an Academy Award® for the design and development of the RE: Vision Effects family of optical flow-based image manipulation plug-ins. For RE:Vision's tenth anniverary, we asked Pierre to talk to us about what optical flow is - and isn't - and how it works in their products.

Feature, People / Interview   12/03/2008
Author: Pierre Jasmin
Lighting Design Pros
Lighting with ShadowsLighting with Shadows

In this extended version of his article in the Creative Cow Visual Effects Issue, lighting expert and instructor Rick Wise draws on his decades of experience to illustrate how shadows can be the most important part of how a scene is lit. Learn how to control the direction and quality of your lighting design to add texture, dimension, and force to your images.

Feature   12/02/2008
Author: Rick Wise
Art of the Edit
The Importance of Invisible EffectsThe Importance of Invisible Effects

Steve is a Senior Compositor and 2D Technical Director with over 20 years of production experience. His credits include over 60 films including as Traffic, Blade: Trinity,Ray, Batman & Robin, U-571, Air Force One, TV shows including Deadwood, and over 70 commercial spots. In this Creative Cow Magazine Extra from the Visual Effects issue, Steve talks about invisible effects in projects he has worked on, with ideas you can use for your own projects.

Feature   11/18/2008
Author: Steve Wright

Writers in this Issue

Eric PautschMark AllenPierre JasminRick WiseSteve WrightTodd TerryWilliam Powloski
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