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Creative COW Magazine : Workflow 3.0 Issue
This issue of Creative COW Magazine is filled with great stories of actual productions and how they are created and the obstacles overcome using the methods outlined. Meet the team behind TV's Emmy® Award-winning South Park, and how they deliver their show, sometimes with minutes to spare before air time. Enabling the future of film production by collecting metadata on-set to empower VFX and editing workflows. Meet a production team of 9 people that handles THREE major network shows a week. A producer offers ways to Fix It In "Pre." And much more.

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Articles in this Issue

Art of the Edit
Metadata & The Future of FilmmakingMetadata & The Future of Filmmaking

Dave Stump, ASC has worked as a DP, effects cinematographer and VFX supervisor on dozens of films including Quantum of Solace, X-men The Bourne Identity, Star Trek: First Contact, Batman Forever and many more. He chairs the ASC subcommittees on Cameras, and Metadata, and in 2000, was part of a team that received a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for hand-development of advanced camera data capture systems. Although this interview was first published in 2008, we've found that the ideas explored here are becoming more relevant by the day. Join Creative COW Editor-in-Chief Tim Wilson and COW Leader and camera expert Gary Adcock for this compelling look at the future of filmmaking.

Feature   05/23/2016
Author: Dave Stump, ASC
South Park: TV's Longest WeekSouth Park: TV's Longest Week

An animated show that completes an entire episode, from writing to air, in only six days? Delivered to the network with only minutes to spare? Meet the producers and editors of South Park, winner of 3 Emmys, a Peabody Award for Excellence and many more, as they take you inside the tools and technologies enabling one of the most pressure-packed workflows imaginable.

People / Interview   03/17/2009
Author: Tim Wilson
Apple Color
One Team. Three Network Shows. Every Week.One Team. Three Network Shows. Every Week.

Creative Cow Contributing Editor Zed Saeed has helped create pioneering Final Cut Pro workflows for major feature films and episodic TV production. This year, he and the team at DigitalFilm Tree faced their biggest challenge yet: posting 3 major shows, for 3 different networks, every week -- with the same small team that used to do just one. How do they do it? World-class workflow management.

Feature   12/23/2008
Author: Zed Saeed
Art of the Edit
Fix it in Pre : Workflow Starts Before the Shooting DoesFix it in Pre : Workflow Starts Before the Shooting Does

Looking for smooth shoots even on extreme locations? Want a pain-free post? 24P, film look, Depth of Field converter, advanced compositing and sound design -- its all here. In this Creative Cow Magazine extra from the Workflow 3.0 issue, Carl Larsen shows you how to avoid problems through planning, along with invaluable tips for cinematic storytelling on a tight schedule.

Feature   11/18/2008
Author: Carl Larsen
COWmunications feedback
Cows Around the WorldCows Around the World

The 'W' in COW stands for 'world,' and we really mean it. Here are reports from Cows in Russia, India, the Netherlands and Canada about what they do, and what they're working on.

People / Interview   10/03/2008
Author: Cowdog

Writers in this Issue

Carl LarsenDave Stump, ASCTim WilsonZed Saeed
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